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Virtuozzo Service Level Management (SLM) is a system that maintains and allows administrators to configure and control the levels of service (i.e., the set of 'promises') provided to VPS owners.

The similar mechanism implemented in previous Virtuozzo for Linux versions and called UBC is complex and requires considerable efforts to be understood, has too many parameters, introduces new terms and concepts, does not have any parameter corresponding to an intuitively clear concept of total memory size, and induces administrators' mistakes. As a result, UBC impedes Virtuozzo adoption.

Currently, Virtuozzo SLM is capable of ensuring that

- memory usage by each VPS doesn't exceed its memory limit;
- average memory usage by each VPS doesn't exceed its average limit;
- total memory usage by all VPSs matches the Hardware Node capacity and
doesn't reach the point when the Node performance degrades significantly;
- 'low memory' usage by all VPSs doesn't leave the safe range.

SLM has the following main goals:

- simplify resource management by providing only one or two configuration parameters;
- make these parameters intuitively clear and close to the notion of RAM size on a stand-alone computer;
- be more application-friendly in terms of how applications are signalled about memory restrictions and their chances to continue to operate with reduced memory usage or exit gracefully;
- start to show virtualized information about used and free RAM (the free command);
- provide at least minimal control over the order of killing applications in the case of severe memory overuse.

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